Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ratatat and...Justice

Ratatat are something special. There's so much around that sounds the same, and when someone breaks the mold its like being rinsed in fresh lemon juice. They have this fantastic warped synth sound permeated by metallic guitar strumming and soft keyboard blobbing. Its mainly electro stuff and a cheeky bit hip hopity at times perhaps.

There's also a reasonable mash-up of Justice's We Are Your Friends and Ratatat's Seventeen Years kicking up a fuss over at Hype Machine. Its fairly tight but I'm not sure it adds anything major to either song or creates anything worth writing home about. Don't let it put you off Ratatat themselves though. Just listen to Mirando and the original Seventeen Years and you'll see what I mean.

Justice v Ratatat - We Are Your Friends (Bearbot mash-up)
Ratatat - Mirando
Ratatat - Seventeen Years

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