Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pretty much AMAZING

I have stumbled across pretty much one of the greatest posts throughout all the blogs Ive been too... An outstanding citizen named Luis Tovar put many hours in compiling a list of music blogs for all of us music nerds to enjoy. Make sure to stop by Pretty Much Amazing to give him a big thanks. Here is the post :

Musicbloggers/audiobloggers/MP3bloggers/Etc is a somone who is outspoken, loves to talk about music, and wants to share the obscure and unknown to the world. I praise these people because they input many hours a week to bring you (the reader) the best and newest in Music, may it be Indie, Jazz, Soul, Alt. Rock, or Polka, there is a blog for you. A Musicbloggers/audiobloggers/MP3bloggers/Etc is NOT a person who advocates or takes part of musical piracy advances. They provide an MP3 file free of charge to promote an artist they like, and more often than not, they take the file off when asked to. More experienced Musicbloggers/audiobloggers/MP3bloggers/Etc provide links to the record label and the artist’s personal site.

Being a huge fan of MP3 Blogs, Pretty Much Amazing presents what I think is the most up-to-date resource of MP3 Blogs out there. Keeping track of this phenomenon isn’t easy so please accept our apologies if your MP3 Blog is not included, if you want you blog to be added, please leave a comment below.

NOTE: If you see your blog or want your blog up here, PMA would appreciate a link back ( Thank you.

Now onto the list! To start things off here is the compilation of ECLECTIC blogs, or blogs that focus on various genres of music. (i.e. Pretty Much Amazing!)

Now for the SOUL/FUNK/R&B blogs:

Next up are the blogs devoted to HIP-HOP/REGGAETON.

Onto the JAZZ blogs:

Blogs who specialize in BLUES/FOLK/OLDTIMEY sound.

ROCK/POP/INDIE blogs who have made the scene:


Explore the artistic MINIMAL/EXPERIMENTAL sounds:

WORLD music blogs:



I am sure there are tons of blogs not mentioned here, there are new blogs created daily! If you think your blog deserves to be up here, leave a comment below

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