Saturday, January 10, 2009

Diplo + MGMT

So, I was trolling through the blog world and stumbled across a post that had me laughing. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this. The good people at Philebrity posted their thoughts, and I couldn't agree more; matter of fact, here is the post:

Diplo Remix Proves The Ineffable, Unquestionable Suckiness Of That MGMT Band

mgmtWe have been silent on this topic for far too long: That band MGMT annoys the living hell out of us. Why? Hard to say. Too Hot Topic, maybe. Too BlogRockBuster, perhaps — our age’s equivalent of the Blockbuster approach to music, like Boston in the 1970s, if Boston actually sucked and did not, as it turned out, rule. So yeah, we winced when we copped the mp3 of Diplo’s remix of the MGMT hit single, “Time To Pretend.” Which is arguably the only MGMT song we’ve ever heard that is worth a damn. And it’s here that we must give Diplodicus a kind of backhanded compliment: While it is usually the remixer’s job to take a single, boil it down to its basic ingredients and then rebuild — thereby proving the track’s unquestionable hook-i-ness — in this case, Diplo’s services reveal that, when boiled down, MGMT remixes prove the unquestionable suckiness of everything this band touches. And, so we are understood, this is not about Diplo’s remixing talents, which are well-established and totally bangin’. This is about MGMT becoming a totem for everything that is unfortunate and wrong about music right at this moment. You don’t believe me? Well, listen:
MGMT: Time to Pretend (Diplo Remix)
Now.. Since you had to hear that, here would be one of my personal favorites

Diplo: Wassup Wassup ft. Rye Rye (Crookers Happy Remix)

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