Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ FLIPSTA - FEB. 09 MIX (Part 1)

DJ Flipsta is one of our homies from the lovely town of Portland, Oregon. He's killin em on so many levels right now. This is his latest effort, blending choice cuts of Acid, Bmore Club, Breaks, House and original remixes and production.

DJ Flipsta - Feb 09 Mix (Part 1)

Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike 5000 (Bird Peterson Built On A Dare Mix)
Claire Hux feat. Dave Chapelle - Sugar, Water, Purple
Blaqstarr - Hands Up, Thumbs Down (Degree Remix)
Lonely Island - Jizzed In My Pants (DJ Rehab Bmore Remix)
DJ Edgar - Coracao Da Funk
Jay-Z feat. Santogold - Brooklyn We Go Hard (DJ Remedy Remix)
DJ Flipsta - Real Thugs (Mikiphone Remix)
Yeshua - LFO
The Lady Tigra - Switchblade Kitty (Ruckus Roboticus Club Dub)
Boy 8-Bit - Fog Bank (Jack Beats Remix)
Highjack - Party People
John Kano and DJ Dome - Bombay Grooves (John Kano Jewel of Dubai Mix)
Picco - Yeke Yeke (STFU Remix)
Noir - All About House Music (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
The New Congress - High (DJ Cee Block Big Room Dub)
The New Congress - High (DJ Flipsta Remix)
DJ Flipsta - Your So Lovely (Original Mix)
Jangatha - Seattle
Soundiggers - Two 2 Tango

Part 2 coming soon...



  2. lol, flipstyles is on djbastards, not flipsta. Different doods =)